We Aim To Serve Spiritually

We believe in serving international students holistically by providing opportunities to grow spiritually for those that are interested

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Life's Big Questions Discussion Group

Every Thursday 9:00pm



COVID-19 and social distancing has given us more time to consider the deeper questions of life. We know many international students have been effected by this pandemic and may be asking deeper questions in life.


We are partnering with Hughson Street Church to give you an opportunity to join us in discussing Life’s Big Questions. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we’d love to discuss these sorts of questions in a respectful and open atmosphere with students from around the world who have various beliefs.

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Discovery Bible Group

Every Tuesday 9:00pm



We have partnered with Hughson Street Church to bring you this discovery group!


Come and discover the God of the Christian Bible. No previous Bible knowledge is required. Some international students who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic may be wondering about God and his purposes for this world.


Join us as we look at God’s character, man’s purpose, and take steps towards living a more meaningful life (from the Christian perspective). It’s a safe place to discover for yourself what the Bible says.

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LIFT Church is hosting an Alpha Group this Fall.


Alpha is a program designed for people who are curious about the principles of Christianity and helps them explore them in a fun environment.  

LIFT Church family meets on Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. or Sunday at 11:00 a.m. to explore these thoughts and ideas.


First gathering is Wednesday, October 7 or Sunday, October 25!

Bible Lesson
Join Us On Sunday

Many services are being streamed virtually at this time.



As Christians, we gather together Sunday Mornings to fellowship with one another, learn more about God through His divine scripture and worship Him. 

We have a variety of churches that partner with us, that would be happy to host you on a Sunday Morning. 

Emmanuel Fellowship HKUC

LIFT Church

Hughson Street Baptist

Mission Baptist

West Highland

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Join a Bible Study

This Bible Study will be held virtually in response to the COVID-19 epidemic

International Student Ministries of Canada, provides the opportunity for international students to take part in individual or group bible studies. 

For more information about bible studies happening this fall, please reach out to Jason Keuning. 

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Meet with a Pastor

This meeting will be held virtually in response to the COVID-19 epidemic

Interested in learning more about God or have questions about the Christian faith? 

Pastor Jakob Koch would love to meet with you and chat!