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Mental Health Counselors

University life can be extremely stressful, especially for International students like you. It can be tough studying something difficult while being away from home. 

Counselling can help. 


We have partnered with By Peaceful Waters Inc. to connect you to Counselling and Psychotherapy in Hamilton. They provide in-person or online counselling to help you deal with any issue that you face!


Counselling can seem expensive, but you may have coverage under your personal or school health insurance.

You may qualify for financial help through By Peaceful Waters partnerships, such as New Life Charity.


Learn more, or book with a counsellor from By Peaceful Waters below:


Kat Giles

MSW: Masters of Social Work

RSW: Registered Social Worker


I am passionate about helping my clients discover hope and peace, and to live a life of purpose and joy!


I do this by helping people of all ages as they deal with depression, anxiety, painful relationships, or stressful life circumstances.


I use creativity and art as part of my approach and honour all parts of who my clients are: body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Scholastica Asahchop

MSW: Masters of Social Work

RSW: Registered Social Worker


I can help you to find hope and freedom if you are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or painful life experiences.


I understand how racism, discrimination, and unconscious bias compounds your pain. Together we will consider your own racial identity, cultural values, and belief system as we work through healing and improve your mental health.


I am available to counsel you through our online video conferencing platform, LifeStreams.

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